Union Employees

Important FAQs for employees:

Yellow Ch11 FINAL FAQs v3 – Public Version 8.7.23 12.35 pm et

Important Information about bankruptcy filing: https://dm.epiq11.com/case/yellowcorporation/info

If you have questions about Health, Welfare or Pension:

Contact your employee benefit plan administrator, your local Union representative or the general Union. 

Contact for the general union is https://teamster.org/about/contact-teamsters/ or 202-624-6800. 

For Oracle, HR, or Payroll questions:

Please email YellowCorporationInfo@epiqglobal.com or call 866-641-1076 ;  International: 1 503-461-4134.  

Login to Oracle at:


Oracle Credentials:

Login to Oracle with User ID = Oracle ID/Employee ID and create a new password using these instructions.

New Password:

The unique password includes the following format: The first letter of the employee’s first legal name (CAPITALIZED) + the first letter of the employee’s last name (CAPITALIZED) + @ + the last 3 numbers of the employee’s Social Security Number + the employee’s 4 digit birth year

Example: John Smith, SSN last 3 digits – 789, birthdate 6/17/1970

Password (example): JS@7891970

The Single Sign On button will not work.

You will need to create a new password with instructions above.

Once you log into Oracle resource documents are available to you to answer some of the questions you may have.

Driver and Employment Verification:

Please visit the Driver Employment Verification page.

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